DeFi Smart Contract Development

DeFi Smart Contract Development: The Backbone Of Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

Since 2017, DeFi protocols have placed a significant step in the finance industry, and this popularity has been increasing every day now. Considering the statistics on, the TOTAL VALUE LOCKED (USD) in DeFi smart contract development is $43.47 billion. DeFi has witnessed exponential growth with MAKER DOMINANCE of 18.17% this year. Most DeFi protocols are developed on the Ethereum blockchain, but new ones with unique individuality are being launched over time. While this financial sector grows, the need for smart contract development companies and DApps has also risen in order to perform complex tasks. According to a recent study by State of the dApps, out of 3017 DeFi applications, 2,970 of them run on Ethereum’s network. Most of the DeFi apps are composed of Solidity. Some major examples are Cardano, Algorand, Ergo, and more.

PROS of Having Smart Contracts in DeFi Space

• High-end Security

• Accuracy

• Great Speed

• Decentralization

• Reliability


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