Cheque - Booster

Cheque Booster developed by Ventaja Technologies, is very unique software that prints on any bank cheque leaves. The uniqueness of the software is cheque formats have been designed which can be customized by the user according to appropriate bank cheque. This software works in a secure way to print the amount and the name of the person to whom cheque is payable. It saves time of company and reduces cost and maintenance.

Cheque Printing Software can print on loose cheque. That can be managing many cheque books of different banks and the payee details & amount can be import from Excel sheet. The software easily connects to the printer.

ventaja cheque print system service

Various features of Cheque Printing Software :

Manage Cheque Payment :

You can prepare the cheque payee entry which can be edited & deleted. Payee management can be also import from excel sheet.

Manage Cheque Bank Account :

This is the special facility to manage bank accounts. This customized tool where the cheque setting and designing can be done by the customer.

Print Cheque :

As per the bank cheque and the cheque no. you can print on cheque. This can be done for a single or multiple cheque.

Utility :

Cheque Booster has additional facility of backup where daily basis entries can be taken in backup file for Restoration.


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